Estate planning

Protecting your heirs. Together.
Is this the service for you?
  • Without estate planning, your hard-earned assets and money may not end up in the hands of your loved ones! Our experts work with you to develop customized solutions for estate and tax planning, wills, trust deeds, special assets and survivor income.
  • When it comes to discussing the transfer of wealth, oftentimes we only think of the transfer from parents to children, when in fact, more potential transfers need to be anticipated. There may be two or more transfers to consider, such as the transfer of assets from one spouse to the other spouse, and then the transfer to family, partners or perhaps charities.
  • You wish to preserve the value of your assets when transferring them to your family.
  • You want to avoid taxes and fees from eroding the value of your estate.
  • You want your assets to be transferred as smoothly as possible to your beneficiaries.
  • You wish to minimize the amount of the costs of settling an estate.
  • You want to take advantage of the benefits of segregated funds and annuity settlement options.
  • You would like to leave a legacy behind you, which could include support for a charity.

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